Forspoken' Review: A portal into a world without wonder or heart

Square Enix's upcoming game Forspoken is a unique open-world action-adventure game that blends fantasy and reality.

The game is available exclusively for PS5 players at the moment. for better experience use PS5

A sizeable demo for the game was released last night as tie-in promotion with the Game Awards broadcast.

Forspoken has received poor reviews, with many reviewers criticizing the graphics, dull combat, and poor writing.

The game's demo was also disliked, with many reviewers saying that it is boring and ugly.

If you can push through the initial slow opening hours, the game has a lot of fun to offer, especially if you focus on unlocking its magic abilities.

There are no reviews yet for the game's PC performance. it may be still available PS5 and console. may be soon we can play in PC also.

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