The Delta male often indicates a blue-collar job, the Delta man can be of any socioeconomic background

The Delta male has no desire to lead — but that doesn’t mean you won’t occasionally find him in a leadership position

It might surprise you to know that the delta male is the hopeless romantic of the personality types

He has big ideas about love and romance, and he’s great at planning the perfect date night.

The Delta male is the personality type most likely to move into alpha, beta, or even sigma roles. He’s a bit of a chameleon.

Even though the Delta man is often successful, hard-working, and romantic, he’s also insecure. He may fear rejection even as he desires partnership.

The Delta man can be relaxed as they come when he’s off the clock, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a temper.

You’ll notice that Delta men work hard and play hard. When they’re working, they’re focused and productive. When they’re on vacation, they just want to relax.

The Delta man can enjoy sports and games, but he’s just not that competitive. Not even with himself.

He Wants to Be Respected for His Competence…Delta men value respect over everything else. They won’t waste time with partners who don’t.

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