Step By Step Guide About How to Create a Tulpa Everything You Need To Know

ever hear about tulpa supernatural? People have started getting connected to tulpas in the last year or so (2022), which is quite unusual and even frightening.

In basic terms, it’s similar to having an imaginary friend, except the things that you’ll hear are darker than usual. Because I believe that this an article will be long, I’ve added a little contents section to help you navigate it.

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tulpa supernatural is a concept in Theosophy, mysticism, and the paranormal, of a materialized being or thought form, typically in human form that is created through spiritual practice and intense concentration.

Modern practitioners, who call themselves “tulpamancers”, use the term to refer to a type of willed imaginary friend which practitioners consider to be sentient and relatively independent.

Modern practitioners predominantly consider tulpas to be a psychological rather than a paranormal concept.

tulpa supernatural

Practitioners believe tulpas are able to communicate with their host in ways they sense do not originate from their own thoughts.

Some practitioners report experiencing hallucinations of their tulpas.

Practitioners that have hallucinations report being able to see, hear and touch their tulpas.

Why would you want to create a tulpa? | How to create a tulpa Fast

What is a tulpa supernatural?

The Tibetan term or word “to construct” or “to build or create” is where the word “tulpa supernatural” comes.

A tulpa is a developed “imaginary friend” who has their own awareness but can act and think freely of them. It may appear as though you have a conversation (in your head) with a separate individual, spirit, energy, or entity.

A tulpa in your mind is going to become more powerful and independent the more effort and concentration you put into it.

You can create a tulpa that lives within your brain and can think, offer you advice, and generally support you get through life.

A tulpa can never truly be “finished,” as they are constantly changing and have the capacity to learn, change, adapt, and grow, much like people.

Due to this, even though this article will teach you how to create a tulpa supernatural, you’ll never be done.

They don’t always have to be individuals; they can take many different shapes. You make a place for them to call home within the mind when you go about making one.

They come with you when you are awake, but they can also disappear to return to their “home” inside your brain. This means that you don’t constantly need to invest energy to interact with it.

As time goes on and you put more work and practice into it, you’ll discover that it takes absolutely no effort to hear and communicate with your tulpa; it’s almost as if it’s thinking and acting on its own.

At first, you’ll need to put your mind on thinking “what would my tulpa supernatural say in this situation.”

Why would you want to create a tulpa?

There are numerous factors that could make someone WANT such a friend. The primary one is friendship and companionship.

Many people already kind of communicate with themselves in their minds when things get rough or even simply when they feel like having a discussion, which may seem strange to some.

This is similar, and by making a tulpa your friend, you essentially make a friend you can never lose.

You are always welcome to talk to your tulpa about everything that occurs in your life.You’ll always have someone to talk to and life will seem a little less lonely as a result.

How to create a tulpa Fast

Let’s discuss the process of visualizing or creating a tulpa supernatural for yourself.

Are tulpas real

There are numerous of ways for doing this, but we’ll simply focus on the most common one here.

It entails putting a lot of thought into communicating with a stranger or someone other than your own mind. Consider WHAT this person or object might say, and then consider your response.

‘Tulpaforcing’ or ‘Tulpamancing’ are other terms used to describe the act of creating a tulpa.

These are merely additional ways of saying that you can invite a tulpa supernatural into your life by manifesting, generating, or in some other way doing so. Let’s start now.

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Step 1: Plan out your tulpa

Consider carefully what and who you want your tulpa supernatural to be for some time. After some time, you’ll see that they start looking like what THEY want to be, and that’s okay.

However, spend some time at the beginning to consider how, who, and why you want your tulpa to be.

Think about the reasons you desire a tulpa and the questions you’ll address to it when it appears.

Will you prefer a friend over someone more serious, such as a life advisor or even a guide? Long before you attempt to manifest one, think about these points.

Think about how you imagine it or how you want it to look. Will it be a human being? Animal?

Although most tulpas want to have some sort of form because they enjoy being seen and participated with (most of the time), it’s possible that it won’t have one at all.

Though it’s probably preferred for now to just keep the image in your mind since that’s where you’ll be engaging with your tulpa when it appears, you can physically sketch a picture of what you imagine your tulpa supernatural will look like if that helps.

Step 2: Consider its beliefs and personality

Determine the personality you want your tulpa to possess.

Would you like it to be humorous? Someone with whom you can laugh?

Consider all of these factors since they will affect the type of entity you create.

Step 3: Practice speaking and interacting with it

You may try communicating to it once you have an understanding of what it should look like and behave like. Give it a name, or allow it to speak to you in its own name.

The more creative and open-minded you can be with this, the more you’ll thank the experience.

Without forcing it to speak or thinking too much what it should say, let it choose its own name and practice sort of hearing it.

It’s very normal if you have trouble with this, so you should practice visualizing what you think it SHOULD say before you really hear it.

Step 4: Practice keeping it in the background

It will become more deeply embedded in your life at this stage. Train yourself to simply keep the thought of your tulpa in the back of your mind.

evil tulpa

Try to keep your tulpa supernatural in the background of your mind whenever you can, as though it were always by your side.

Practice hearing it speaking about what you’re doing, communicating with it (in your thoughts), and having a shared experience of the world.

This will strengthen the image and improve the possibility that you can interact with it directly without having to imagine its responses.

Keep in mind that your goal is to develop a being you can interact with without knowing you’re doing it.

You should eventually have the impression that you are interacting with something or someone over whom you have no control.

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Step 5: Check it’s really there

You should do an immediate test once you’ve mastered manifesting your tulpa supernatural for a bit. This test will show if it is actually present and capable of acting independent.

You should stop thinking about what and how it might respond to various situations if you have been doing so up until this point.

Let your spine show you something when you relax and close your eyes. Simply say,

“Show me something random,”

And don’t ask it to show you something in particular.

Similar like talking to a place in a lucid dream, but this time you’re awake and letting your tulpa show you something.

In theoretical terms, your tulpa should be able to take her and show you something strange if everything is done correctly.

It might take you for a stroll through its house or show you where it likes to hang out.


How long does it take to make a tulpa?

Developing a tulpa doesn’t take very long, especially if you practice regularly.
You can practice for an hour every day, and in a week or two you should be able to make a tulpa supernatural for yourself.
It can take a little bit less or a little bit more time, but that’s about it.

When tulpas go wrong: scary stuff

I believe we should talk about some of the risks related to this type of workout as well as what might happen when tulpas go “wrong.”
Of course, this is all a matter of people’s opinion, so for the purposes of this piece, I’ll remain neutral and keep from offering my own judgment in favor of presenting some of the more common issues, dangers, and warnings about tulpamancy.

Are tulpas real?

First of all, this is a matter of preference. Tulpas can appear to be real as you decide on.
Since they exist only in our brains, we can make them as clear or blurry as we decide on; it all depends on the person’s capacity for imagination and creativity.
The idea that tulpa supernatural are fake, rubbish, or just false has received a lot of attention.
In my opinion, they are real in the sense that those who imagine them are aware of their existence. Since you cannot actually SEE or interact with another person, they are not genuine.
In the end, it may be said that while tulpas are very real in the mind of an individual, they are not real in the sense that you can communicate with or observe another tulpa.
You can only ever view your own and speak to other individuals about their knowledge or stories about it.

Are tulpas dangerous?

Dangers of tulpa supernatural is a controversial topic. Tulpas aren’t harmful to other people, but they could be to YOU if you’re the one making them. You must now determine if you REALLY want to build a tulpa.
You’re basically talking to yourself, and you do it so often that you lose the ability to tell the difference between yourself and other people when you do it.
If you continue to do this for a long enough period of time, the lines will start to blur and you can start to go nuts.
It’s common practice to lock up those who talk to themselves in a comfortable room, so there may not be much difference here.
tulpa supernatural is a wonderful mental experiment, and it may be very intriguing to see how far you can take it, but use caution.
Avoid going insane and make sure you have a clear understanding of what is and is not real.
Keep in mind that your tulpa just lives in your head and try not to get too caught up in all of this.            

Can tulpas harm you?

You won’t be physically harmed by them. The terrifying tales are told by those whose tulpa has swallowed them to the point where they claim it has instructed them to harm THEMSELVES.
This is when things start to become a little dangerous because it’s very difficult (or impossible) to tell if the tulpa supernatural in their heads actually intended to harm them or if they were just somewhat insane and lost the ability to think.
The strangest part about tulpa-forming, I suppose, is that you never REALLY know if you’re making a tulpa or merely inviting a real item into your mind in order to interact with it.
The question becomes “are they dangerous” and “do they want to hurt me” if they ARE real things that you ARE NOT making.
There has been some conjecture regarding the existence of evil tulpas, deans, and demonic possessions.
There wouldn’t be as few cases of them actually possessing individuals, in my opinion, if this were the case. I believe they are mostly just a challenge in imagination.

How to get rid of a tulpa

There are a few things you can do if you’ve created a tulpa and wish to GET RID OF IT or STOP INTERACTING WITH IT. Some people make tulpa supernatural when they are young and keep them for YEARS of their lives.
They finally decide to stop speaking to it, but they soon discover that it continues.
There are several simple techniques to get rid of a tulpa, so this is not a problem.
The most important one is to reflect on your tulpa and meditate.
Then, practice seeing it inside a white light shield while seeing it being there in front of you. You are unable to hear it with the shield raised. Tulpa supernatural cannot communicate with you.
Practice every day visualizing it inside the shield when you mentally prevent yourself from speaking when the shield is up. This will assist you in breaking the connections that connect it to you.
Removing it can need more time than it did for you to create it.

Tulpas and religion

Tulpa supernatural most likely result to a confusion in terms of religion. Tulipamancy is viewed by many faiths as allowing “demons” or “possessions” access to your body and thoughts.

This is a contentious issue that depends on the individual, their particular religion, and their perspective on the world.

In reality, there is no proof that demons or possessions actually exist. Nevertheless, religion is mostly dependent on faith and believe and isn’t usually founded on evidence. This implies that the idea of a tulpa or expressing a tulpa may be troublesome for some religions, such as for example Christianity.

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