The Mother of All Haunted Places – The haunted Dow Hill of Kurseonge

The Mother of All Haunted Places – The haunted Dow Hill of Kurseong! Is known for most haunted place in India.

There are many haunted tales in India that would make your blood run chill. Every ghost story has a specific spot that functions as the core of all paranormal activity.

But when it comes to Kurseong, it’s an entirely different story.

You pick a paranormal circumstances, and Kurseong has it: haunted homes and streets, spooky woods, spooky tracks, red eyes, headless dead people, and unexplained deaths. It resembled a ghost town more.

The haunted Dow Hill of Kurseong

A hill station in West Bengal named Kurseong is known for breathtaking views of wooded mountains, gorgeous green tea plantations, and dense woods.

Despite being known as “The Land of Orchids,” The haunted Dow Hill of Kurseong has a dark side.

One of India’s most spooky locations, according to legend. Let’s look at the spooky activities that have made Kurseong’s Dow Hill one of the most mysterious locations in India.

The haunted Dow Hill of Kurseong – one of the most mysterious places in India

Infamously haunted hill station in India, Dow Hill in Kurseong, is located around 30 kilometres from Darjeeling and is subject to countless paranormal events and legends.

Kurseong is an attractive hill station with stunning views, orchid gardens, forested hills, and tea plantations. It is also the location of a death road, a headless ghost, a haunted school, and a number more true ghost stories.

We briefly describe a location in India where strange creatures are more common than in other regions.

The haunted Dow Hill of Kurseong is both beautiful and dangerous. Paranormal activities here never stops, day or night.

Visitors can feast their eyes on the area’s natural beauty and their ears on the terrifying legends surrounding a number of haunted locations there.

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The cursed forest and the ghost of a headless boy…

The hounding forests and a death road

The ‘death road,’ that runs between The haunted Dow Hill of Kurseong Road and the Forest charge, is definitely not for the faint of heart.

The terrifying sight of the headless ghost of a little kid strolling and disappearing into the forest has terrified the local woodcutters.

People have spoken of incidents where they felt constantly watched over and pursued by an unknown force.

Some people have even reported seeing a red eye watching them.

Even the ghost of a gray-clad woman is present. These woodlands’ air quality is so terrible that unfortunate visitors either lost their sense of balance or committed suicide.

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Jinxed school near the forest…

A haunted school near the woods

The 100-year-old Victoria Boys High School is located near the forests of The haunted Dow Hill of Kurseong, who have been reported to have witnessed multiple suspicious deaths in the past.

These haunting woods are also known to the Dow Hill haunting Forest.

When the school is closed for the winter break from December to March, the neighbourhood residents have reported hearing unpleasant whispers and footsteps.

Therefore, if you plan to explore the beauty of one of the most haunted sites in India, get well-versed with Kurseong’s dark side and avoid the forbidden areas after dark.

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