How post-hypnotic suggestion works and different from ordinary hypnosis practice 5 secrets

What is a post hypnotic suggestion? How post-hypnotic suggestion works and different from ordinary hypnosis practice.

Posthypnotic suggestion is a technique that is used by hypnotherapists to motivate their patients to alter their behavior for a better life.

The posthypnotic suggestion, as the name suggests, is an instruction that the client follows after the hypnosis session has ended.

Posthypnotic suggestions, when used correctly, will encourage you to correct your behavior for an endless period of time after the hypnosis session.

A few people have asked me about post-hypnotic suggestions and how they can use them. So here is my years’ worth of experience.

post-hypnotic suggestion

While the patient is in trance, post-hypnotic suggestions are given to them, emphasizing that an outcome or new behavior will occur post-hypnotically once the trance is finished.

This is done to ensure that the Patient benefits after the session and/or between each therapy session.

While some therapeutic changes occur during sessions, a great deal of therapeutic changes, or at least the benefits of changes, occur after or between sessions.

Because most therapeutic ideas are directed toward positive future improvements, the majority of our suggestions can be categorized as post-hypnotic.

What is post-hypnotic suggestion in psychology?

During a hypnotic trance, a post-hypnotic suggestion is given to be unconsciously acted upon once out of hypnosis.

It’s a strong command which motivates you to act in a certain way. And even feel a certain way or act in a certain way.

In a smoking cessation session, for example, you could make the following suggestion:

Every time you see a stop sign when driving, you will take a deep breath and realize how good the clean air feels in your lungs as you stop the car.

However, one thing to keep in mind when using Post Hypnotic Suggestions is that not all Post Hypnotic Suggestions have been created equal.

There is a fine distinction between an artful Post Hypnotic Suggestion and one that a person feels bound to act on…

And one to squeal with delight about.

Don’t worry, you’re about to find out what this fine line is.

We need to set some groundwork before we go into the hidden Secrets to Powerful Post Hypnotic Suggestions.

How Does post-hypnotic suggestion Work?

Hypnosis helps people to think about their problems from different perspectives.

This teaches people how to identify the triggers for their unwanted behaviors and how to overcome the triggers in order to avoid the behavior from occurring in the first place.

Those who are hypnotized are more open to suggestions.

The suggestions you hear while hypnosis session help you identify and overcome your triggers, but what happens when you’re not hypnotized?

That’s when posthypnotic ideas can help. When done correctly, a post-hypnotic suggestion can be imposed on the subconscious area of the brain while in trance.

When the hypnosis therapy is finished, you will carry out this suggestion without even thinking about it.

This shows the importance of our subconscious mind in our decision-making process, as well as the effectiveness of a perfectly executed posthypnotic suggestion.

To put it simply, you will feel as if a small voice in the back of your mind is telling you to do something when you have to deal with a particular situation.

Of course, when you’re dealing with problems, the little voice in the back of your head only suggests doing things that will result in good change.

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Posthypnotic Suggestion Needs a Trigger

You may have observed that a whisper in the back of your head advises you to do something when you have to deal with a particular situation. That is because the posthypnotic suggestion needs a trigger.

The posthypnotic suggestion trigger can be anything from a specific time, an event, a moment in your everyday routine, and so on.

Experienced hypnotherapists put the trigger for the posthypnotic suggestion before or at the same time with the trigger for the unwanted behavior. Suppose you want to use hypnosis to lose weight. You have to, of obviously, diet.

post hypnotic suggestion trigger

But at times you get a craving for sugary drinks.

We all know how unpleasant sugary beverages can be for someone attempting to lose weight, thus the hypnotherapist may suggest that instead of drinking sugary drinks, you drink water.

If done correctly, you will instinctively choose water over sugary drinks without any thought. This will continue forever after the hypnosis treatment, with the apparent benefit of helping you in losing weight.

However, an external signal may also act as the trigger for the posthypnotic suggestion.

Many people who try to quit smoking reveal that they unintentionally pick up a pack of cigarettes.

Picking up a pack of cigarettes may be one of the triggers which makes quitting smoking tough for you.

At the same time, the hypnotherapist may make picking up the pack a trigger for the posthypnotic suggestion.

Every time you place your hand on a pack of cigarettes, the small voice in the back of your head will tell you that you don’t need to smoke or that doing so causes a thought of something revolting.

This, in turn, helps to prevent cravings from occurring in the first place.

How the Posthypnotic Suggestion Trigger Works

You may be asking why the posthypnotic suggestion trigger has such a strong effect. The truth is that this is a highly complex situation.

Simply defined, the trigger produces a brief trance with depth and quality nearly comparable to the hypnotic state employed when the suggestion was reinforced.

Even if you have your eyes open and are in the middle of doing anything, such as picking up a pack of smokes or a sweet drink, you will enter a hypnotic state without knowing it.

This will have no effect on your everyday routine and will not even interrupt your thought process.

The brief hypnotic state you enter can only be used to carry a trigger from your subconscious to your conscious mind and force you to act on it.

Remember that we enter and exit trance/hypnotic states often during the day, and it is completely natural. This is having a really positive impact on your life thanks to the posthypnotic suggestion.

Why Do We Act On The Posthypnotic Suggestion?

You might have difficulty believing you would act on a post-hypnotic suggestion.

After all, how could a message implanted in your subconscious mind cause you to do or avoid something without your knowledge?

The truth is that most of us live our lives in “autopilot mode.” We make a lot of decisions without knowing it.

That is normal. Our lives are too stressful, and our minds are too efficient, to consider everything we do separately. You’ve undoubtedly had this experience.

Every day, our brains make decisions for us. In actuality, automatic processes determine our behavior.

We perform routine tasks such as taking a shower, washing the dishes or painting a wall without thinking about them.

We are, however, conscious of what we are doing.

If one dish isn’t clean enough, we’ll scrub it more thoroughly. The mechanical tasks of moving our hands and fingers, on the other hand, are handled by our brain’s autopilot.

Thinking about moving our hands and fingers actively could possibly interrupt the process and damage our ability to carry out successfully.

Implementing the post-hypnotic suggestion

Our minds are so efficient that we sometimes automate complex actions like driving from home to work.

But our brains are capable of far more. The brain can still perceive inputs while we are conducting tasks without conscious thought.

The environment provides us with stimuli such as sounds, odors, sights, and physiological indications like hunger, pain, and tiredness.

This causes us to recall someone specific when we smell a familiar perfume or to relive long-forgotten emotions when we see something from our past.

The post-hypnotic suggestion is simply a stimulus.

When we do something without thinking about it, such as taking up a pack of smokes, our brains view the suggestion as a signal to do something else.

We carry out the posthypnotic suggestion without paying attention about it because it is engraved in our subconscious mind.

Simply put, a well-formed suggestion will be integrated into our brain’s automatic decision-making process.

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How Long Does A Posthypnotic Suggestion Last?


The duration of post-hypnotic suggestion varies depending on the person’s subconscious and the hypnotherapist’s ability and training.

When done properly, a posthypnotic suggestion could continue as long as the client identifies with the notion that lead to the execution of the suggestion.

A person who wants to quit smoking, for example, may benefit from the posthypnotic suggestion if he or she sees himself or herself as a smoker.

When the individual no longer identifies as a smoker, he will be able to pick up a pack of cigarettes without feeling pushed to do anything else.

Some posthypnotic suggestions have been known to last for years.

As long as the individual does a certain act in the appropriate context and environments, the suggestion will become active without his or her knowledge.

Remember that anything we do on a regular basis becomes a habit.

If the posthypnotic suggestion occurs regularly, it is likely that we will get conditioned to it.

How Are Posthypnotic Suggestions Created?

You may be wondering how hypnotherapists develop effective post-hypnotic suggestions. The truth is that this skill requires training and practice.

Implementing posthypnotic suggestions in hypnosis sessions requires exact script development. It is far more challenging to use them in hypnosis audio sessions.

Every good hypnotherapist will adapt the posthypnotic suggestions to his or her client’s personality and triggers.

It is more difficult to incorporate post-hypnotic suggestion in audio hypnosis sessions since an audio session caters to more individuals, each with his or her own personality and triggers.

To ensure that the ideas provided in the audio sessions are effective, the therapist must be informed with the most typical triggers of each targeted group.

Each suggestion must be correctly examined and reduced to its simplest form.

Despite the complexity the human subconscious is, simple messages are always better understood than complex ones.

As a result, the hypnotist must ensure that every post-hypnotic suggestion presented in the hypnosis session is basic and potent enough to be entrenched in the subconscious.

Another factor to consider for therapists is the client’s responsiveness to suggestions. Some people are naturally inclined to listen to advice, whereas others are not.

Those who are not easily convinced by ideas may not respond at all if they are not clear or powerful enough.

How Great Posthypnotic Suggestions Are Made

Even though each post-hypnotic suggestion is developed individually, the great ones share the following traits:

Simple And Straightforward – Hypnotherapy is only successful if it influences your subconscious. If the hypnotherapist provides a long or convoluted message, your subconscious may be unable to recall it.

Great hypnotic suggestions are simple and straightforward, and they easily lodge in your subconscious. Because of their simplicity, your subconscious has no trouble bringing up suggestions when your brain operates on autopilot.

Positive – All hypnotic ideas are positive. Despite the fact that therapists have previously experimented with negative suggestions – “I won’t smoke because it will kill me” – clinical experience and studies have proven that these ideas are not as successful as positive ones.

Telling yourself that you don’t need to smoke because you should respect your body is more powerful than messages with a negative connotation.

Specificity – Excellent hypnotherapy suggestions are adapted to a particular goal and situation. While this means they will be ineffective for those in other situations, it makes them more effective for those with specific aims and situations.

Filling the suggestions with emotion is one of the simplest ways to have them “talk” to the subconscious. The human subconscious prefers basic and clear information, and emotions are something it completely comprehends.

Visualization – post-hypnotic suggestion are straightforward and simple to imagine. While under hypnosis, the clients should be able to visualize the acts they are about to execute and the outcome of these actions.

Agree with The Client’s Identity – Great post-hypnotic ideas agree with the client’s identity. They are tailored to the client’s requirements and do not provide unclear data. As a result, they are simple to carry out.

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The Role of post-hypnotic suggestion in Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapists are able to benefit from posthypnotic suggestions.

Although the suggestions cannot be used on their own, they complement other hypnotherapy processes and practices, making them useful for skilled therapists.

These post-hypnotic suggestion have distinct and verifiable results, and they define an individual behavior.

You can tap into the power of your subconscious and overcome your challenges if you follow a hypnosis session that includes posthypnotic suggestions.

How does post hypnotic suggestion affect consciousness conclusion

Hypnosis can be described as a “waking state of awareness (or consciousness) in which a person’s attention is detached from his or her immediate environment and is absorbed by inner experiences such as feelings, cognition, and imagery.”

Induction of hypnosis entails focusing attention and creative participation to the degree where what is imagined feels real. The doctor and patient create a hypnotic world through the use and acceptance of post-hypnotic suggestion.

Every day ‘trance’ states, such as becoming lost in a good book, driving down a familiar duration of road with no conscious recall, when in prayer or meditation, or when doing a monotonous or creative work, are part of our shared human experience.

Our conscious awareness of our surrounding vs inner awareness exists on a spectrum, therefore when in these states, one’s focus is largely internal, but one does not necessarily lose all outward awareness.

Hypnosis can be thought of as a meditative state that can be learned to reach consciously and deliberately for therapeutic purposes. Suggestions are then made, either vocally or visually, to achieve the desired result.

This could be for relieving worry by accessing peace and relaxation, to manage drug side effects, or to reduce pain or other symptoms.

Depending on the post-hypnotic suggestion made, hypnosis is usually a soothing experience, which can be quite beneficial for a tense or worried patient.

You can use post-hypnotic suggestion to recover from bad habit and adapt something new and good habit.

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What is an example of a hypnotic suggestion?

They are simply stated. An example of a direct hypnosis suggestion is: every day you walk for 15 minutes and you feel energized and proud of yourself. Indirect: Indirect hypnosis suggestions are more inductive. They are ambiguous, they can have multiple meanings.

Do post hypnotic suggestions really work?

True post-hypnotic suggestions have consistently been found to work far less frequently than simple physical suggestions, in many experiments on hypnosis.
The basic dilemma of hypnotherapy is that clients seek to make changes in the future but suggestions phrased in the future tense are weak.

How do I give myself a post hypnotic suggestion?

Examples of post-hypnotic suggestions in the form of affirmations, a common self-hypnosis approach, include:
· I accept myself for who I am.
· I eat three healthy meals per day.
· I am confident and assertive when speaking to others.
· I feel calm, confident and relaxed.
· I find it easy to stop smoking.

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