A Full Guide To Witchcraft, Wicca, and Magick and how to start your practice with 5 Powerful tools

Today, I want to share a complete guide about Witchcraft, Wicca, and Magick with you. I’ve been practicing witchcraft for over a year, and it brings me a lot of joy and peace.

In this post, I’ll explain what witchcraft and Wicca are, why I got into it, how to practice it, and how you can start your journey as a witch!

I want to mention that witchcraft and Wicca are personal journeys, and what works for me might not work for you.

how to practice witchcraft

This post reflects my perspective and understanding of the craft after reading a lot about it. I still have much to learn! If you’re a witch or Wiccan, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you’re interested in a comprehensive guide to Witchcraft, Wicca, and Magick, keep reading!

What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft is a craft connected to nature where you use the energy of natural elements to make specific changes in your life or achieve particular goals. It’s essentially the art of making changes.

A person who practices witchcraft engages in magick, involving activities like divination, spells, potions, alchemy, herbalism, and more, often possessing psychic abilities.

It can range from simple acts like blessing your morning coffee for a good day to more complex rituals with various tools and ingredients.

Witchcraft is meant to be an assistant, helping you attain your desires, but it’s not intended to replace things like medicine.

For example, I use witchcraft to ease my anxiety, but it doesn’t substitute any needed therapy sessions; it’s there to support me in dealing with it.

To me, witchcraft is also a lifestyle.

Being a witch means being a feminist, standing up for what’s right, and actively working to protect the planet and its inhabitants. It involves spreading happiness and kindness while opposing injustices in the world!

What is Wicca?

magic and witchcraft

Wicca is a pagan and nature-centered religion. A person who follows pagan beliefs and incorporates witchcraft into their spiritual path is called a Wiccan.

“The Wicca faith, its traditions, and principles can signify different things to different people and many aspects are open to interpretation”

Harmony Nice, Wicca: A Modern Guide to Witchcraft and Magick

Paganism refers to pre-Christian religions that focus on the energy and power of nature.

These belief systems can be either monotheistic, centered around one divine being, or polytheistic, involving beliefs in multiple divine beings. Wicca is a specific form of paganism that falls under this broader category.


In essence, Wicca observes eight Sabbaths and twelve esbats, which are festivals honoring natural events in the universe and the Earth’s cycle.

Sabbaths are aligned with the sun’s seasonal cycle. For instance, Yule marks the winter solstice, celebrating the shortest day and longest night around December 20th to 24th, akin to our Christmas.

Lammas, on August 1st, commemorates the harvest and acknowledges the Earth’s energies and growth slowing down.


On the flip side, Esbats recognize changes in the moon cycle. During Esbats, we pay homage to the female deity (while Sabbaths celebrate the male deity, the sun god) and honor the moon at its fullest strength.

Typically, there are twelve full moons in a year, but occasionally, there’s a thirteenth one, known as a “Blue moon,” which is the second full moon in a month. Each full moon symbolizes something unique.

For instance, January’s full moon is called “the wolf moon,” ideal for focusing on protection, strength, and planning.

Full moons also serve to recharge tools, crystals, and engage in various rituals.

Why did I get into it?

I got into witchcraft for self-care reasons, aiming to focus on my mental and spiritual well-being.

Witchcraft and Wicca help me connect better with myself and my surroundings, fostering calmness and harmony that I cherish.

The peaceful and respectful nature of the craft and religion drew me in, and I felt a strong sense of freedom and positivity as I began practicing.

Wicca and witchcraft, in general, allow you to follow the path that feels right for you, embracing inclusivity and differences.

This openness and alignment with my values and beliefs encouraged and motivated me to start practicing.

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How to practice Witchcraft?

Practicing witchcraft involves a variety of personal approaches, but here are some general steps to get you started:


magic ritual

Divination involves using various tools to gain insight into situations, such as predicting the future or understanding present circumstances. Many witches and Wiccans choose Tarot cards for divination.

Tarot comprises 78 cards, categorized into 24 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

Major arcana cards, like “the sun” or “the wheel of fortune,” are considered more powerful and complex, reflecting universal laws and the secrets of the universe.

Each major card symbolizes something and presents a scenario.

On the flip side, minor arcana cards are more specific, addressing everyday life areas and providing immediate information for specific questions.

The minor arcana cards are grouped into 4 categories: Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups. Each category includes 14 cards, with 4 court cards (king, queen, knight, and page) and ten numbered cards.

Primarily used for divination, tarot cards can also serve as meditative tools in guided meditation.

There are other divination methods, such as reading rune stones, Scrying, palmistry, tasseography, and pendulums, but I may not be well-versed enough in these practices to provide detailed information.


A spell can take different forms, such as charms or potions, and it’s essentially the release of energy in a ritual to manifest a specific intent. Defining a spell can be a bit complex, so I’ll give you an example.

During my travels, I created a spell jar to protect me. In this spell, I included lavender to calm anxiety and repel negative energy, chamomile to soothe anxiety, basil for good luck and protection, cinnamon for additional good luck, and hawthorn for protection.

I blessed these herbs, asking them for what I specifically needed, and charmed the jar by stating a small affirmation.

Spell-work can be more intricate, but the key is using the energy of herbs to fulfill your needs.

You can cast a spell to repel something, honor a deity, bless someone, create a positive start, and more. Essentially, spells can be used for anything you require at a specific moment in time.


Rituals differ from spells in that they serve longer-lasting purposes and aim to reach a deeper level of connection. In the Wicca faith, rituals are employed to draw closer to divine beings.

As I understand it, rituals tend to be more intricate, involving a series of steps, tools, and ingredients.

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Different Tools you can use

In witchcraft, practitioners employ various tools for casting spells and conducting rituals.

Personally, my focus revolves around herbs, crystals, and candles, yet within the Wicca faith and the broader craft, additional tools hold significance.

Among these, the wand symbolizes the element of “fire” and the spirit, serving to direct energy.

An athame, a dagger, represents the element of “air” and the intellect, primarily used for dispelling unwanted energies.

The chalice, a cup, symbolizes the element of water and emotions, often employed to contain liquids during rituals.

Lastly, the pentagram or pentacle, a five-pointed star, embodies the four elements of earth and the fifth element “spirit,” commonly utilized as a protective symbol.

Each of these tools plays a distinct role in rituals and spell-work, aligning with various elements and energies.

Visualization and mental clarity

explore more witchcraft and magic

One crucial lesson I’ve learned about magic is that intention is paramount. While having various tools can be beneficial, the true essence of magic stems from your mind.

For example, burning a candle with genuine intention and passion is what truly activates a spell.

Therefore, before casting a spell or engaging in a ritual, clearing your mind and concentrating on your intention is crucial.

Personally, I prefer to meditate, center, and ground myself before any witchcraft activity to maintain focus. In the midst of a spell or ritual, two essential practices are visualization and affirmation.

Magic is all in your mind. And it requires the use of all of your mind. All the different hemispheres, lobes, and nerves, the conscious and the unconscious”

Skye Alexander, Magic Spells: simple spells and self-care practices to harness your inner power

Visualization is a mental practice where you create a vivid mental image of what you want to accomplish.

This image should evoke strong emotions, and it’s typically employed in spell-work or rituals to help set your intentions and manifest your desires.

After completing each ritual or spell, it’s recommended to express your intention explicitly through a positive statement, known as an “affirmation.”

An example could be, “My life is rich in work opportunities and good luck.” Personally, I would repeat this statement three times as part of the affirmation process.

Different Paths of Witchcraft

As I started practicing witchcraft, I found out there are different types to choose from. I picked the Green Witch path.

You can mix beliefs from various paths, making you an Eclectic Witch.

The cool thing is, you can change your path if it doesn’t feel right anymore. Witchcraft is flexible and open.

There are lots of types like Shaman, Sea Witch, Cosmic Witch, Kitchen Witch, and Faery Witch.

It’s a good idea to learn more about these. Finding a path that fits your beliefs can make starting the craft more comfortable and inclusive.

How and where to start witchcraft and magic? Conclusion

If you’re thinking about starting to practice witchcraft, my first advice is to read about it.

Get books and soak up as much information as you can. Since it’s a complex craft, reading beforehand is really worthwhile.

My second piece of advice is to dig deeper into the topics I mentioned earlier.

What I shared in this post is just a small part of what you can find in books. Plus, there are many important things I haven’t talked about. So, read!

You can start your witchcraft and magic ritual, explore more here

Basic guide of Wicca and magick and other spiritual practice.

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