Find Who Your Guardian Archangel Is According To Your Date Of Birth

What Are The Archangels? Every person has a divine protector, a spirit guide that watches over them. They are made by God and their purpose is to bring love, peace and serenity to all humanity. We can call our guardian angels in times of need through prayer and we can rest assured that they will help us surpass the difficult time.

When we call for a specific Archangel for help, it is like we are asking God to help us since Archangels are God’s appointed helpers and messengers of His word and His divine power. In God’s name, the Archangels will answer our prayers if we ask them for help.

The Archangels have the vital job of protecting humankind and making life on Earth a safe and pleasant space to live in. They all have different roles and they are all connected so that they can offer help to anyone who calls them in prayer.

Guardian Archangel

The Archangels always come into our life with deep understanding, compassion, acceptance, and love. They work for God and they obey Him and His commands. That’s why their name always finishes with ‘El’ which means “of God.”

The Archangels are never exhausted. They can also exist at many places at a time thus helping as many people needing their help as they can. Archangels love us and they want to assist us with their guidance throughout our life. They want us to call them. They want to be close to us. They want to protect us.

Is there a difference between Angels and Archangels?

Angels are pure and perfect incorporeal beings. They are God’s creation with the purpose of serving Him and His people and being His messengers. They represent God’s image and are always ready to help those in need. They listen to God’s word and obey Him always. They are the truest and most faithful executors of Him and His commands. Angels are spirits that exist for God only but are also very close to humans since they help them to practice God’s will.

The Archangels, on the other hand, are also angels but of a higher rank. Their duties are very similar to those of angels, however, what is required of them is more glorified and important. All their names end with ‘EL’ which means ‘of God. They carry God’s name in their name thus remaining close to Him and protecting His image. Moreover, every Archangel comes with a different mission.

Angels and archangels are present in every religion – they aren’t restricted by the bounds of religions and transcend the differences between them. Angels are considered genderless, and the names that were given to them bear a meaning and frequency that can best describe their nature.

Every number has its own vibration, and each archangel governs over one or more of the frequencies that correspond to the numerological system. To discover which archangel governs over your number (and thus protects you), you first need to calculate your numerology number using your date of birth.

For example, I am born on 31.07.1991, which means that I need to reduce this number sequence to a single number (or leave it at a cardinal number).

Simply put, 3+1+0+7+1+9+9+1 = 31, and 3+1 = 4. So my number is 4, making Archangel Haniel my guardian archangel.

If you get numbers 11, 22, 33, and 44, don’t reduce them, as they are the master numbers in numerology.

Once you have calculated your life path number, read below to see which archangel reigns over that number and what this means for you.

9 Archangels Names And Their Meanings:

Archangel Raguel (The Divine Peacekeeper of Synchronicity) – Number 1

This archangel’s name means “The Friend of God,” and Archangel Raguel is responsible for acting God’s will and introducing it into human relationships. This archangel helps in creating peace in the interaction between people, and with the interaction of the person with oneself.

Archangel Raguel has the role of peacemaker for people in Heaven and on Earth. It brings harmony and balance to the world. This Archangel reminds us that we need to help each other because we are all divinely connected and so we need to get close to one another instead of growing apart.

Moreover, Archangel Raguel collaborates with all the other Archangels in order to establish synchronicity between the natural world and all of humanity. This Archangel wears a white robe and carries a big book in their hand which has the Akashic records written on it i.e. it has all the information about the past, present, and future of every being in this world.

In animal form, this Archangel appears as an opossum, mouse, skunk, groundhog, and raccoon. The opossum is a symbol of the nurturing of the family, the mouse symbolizes productivity in silence, the groundhog is always looking deeper for answers, and the raccoon and the skunk represent the cleanup crew. Ants and bees are also symbols of this Archangel since they mean working harmonically together.

When you are dealing with situations that are out of order, and you have perplexed thoughts, call this Archangel to assist you in restoring the balance in your life and get things in order. Archangel Raguel will always bring to you the positivity and the harmony you need when dealing with the hardships of life.

Archangel Uriel (The Divine Pillar of Solitary Strength) – Numbers 2 & 11

This archangel’s name means “God Is My Light,” and Archangel Uriel is associated with wisdom and truth. This archangel can help in bringing knowledge, wisdom, and light into the dark, release painful memories, and turn disappointment into victory.

Archangel Uriel appears in human form as a hermit, dressed in white with wings while carrying a lantern to light the way to every being. In animal form, this Archangel appears as a bluebird or a blue jay. This Archangel helps us deal with the loneliness that everyone gets to experience once in a while. It teaches us how to be alone without feeling lonely. It makes us appreciate our own company and love ourselves.

If you find yourself feeling sad and alone, or if someone you know is dealing with feelings of loneliness, call on this Archangel for help and guidance. This Archangel will remind you how wonderful you are and will show you all the goodness of your soul so that you can find the treasure within yourself.

Moreover, you can call on this Archangel to provide you with the answers you seek. It will deliver them to you through epiphanies, automatic writing, meditation, or a spirit that will communicate the answers to you. And if you see a bluebird or a blue jay, it is a sign from the Archangel to look more clearly at the situation you have at hand and choose another path in order to guide you toward a brighter future.

Archangel Jophiel (The Great Giver of Joy) – Number 3

This archangel’s name means “Beauty of God,” and Archangel Jophiel is the angel of beauty – not just physical beauty, mind you. This archangel’s mission is to bring beauty to the lives of people, the beauty of thought, feelings, the home, and the Self.

Archangel Jophiel brings positivity, healing, joy, love, and transformation. In human form, it is represented clothed in a fine robe of both deep and light pink with wings and carrying a jeweled scepter in its hand. In animal form, it appears as a heron, meaning living and enjoying life by going to great heights and listening to your inner voice.

Archangel Jophiel will encourage you to focus only on the positive aspects of life. This Archangel will inspire you to raise your energy levels so that you can attract more positivity toward you. With the help of this Archangel, you can become a magnet for receiving only good and beautiful things. You will get all the things your soul is yearning for. You will also be inspired to give and receive unconditional love and form deeper bonds with the people in your life.

Call this Archangel whenever you want to attract love, happiness, and positivity into your life.

Archangel Haniel (The Divine Healer of Families and Relationships) – Numbers 4 & 22

This archangel’s name means “The Joy of God” or “The Grace of God,” and Archangel Haniel is the channel between us and God, providing patronage to those who are searching for enlightenment. This archangel brings sensitivity, love, and joy, illuminating our souls when fear, stress, and worries try to take over.

This Archangel will also help you mend the broken bonds with your family and friends. It will heal every broken relationship you have with other people. In human form, this Archangel appears dressed in light blue carrying wings and it has a gold chained necklace around its neck which is a symbol of how we are all connected to each other. In animal form, this Archangel appears as a turtle which highlights relationships and the healing process in regard to abandonment issues.

Call on Archangel Haniel whenever you want to repair the relationships between your family, friends, or romantic relationships. Archangel Haniel will bring to you the healing energy you need to mend your broken hearts and trust and start interacting with each other again.

Archangel Jeremiel (The Divine Deliverer of Mercy and Grace) – Number 5

This archangel’s name means “The Mercy of God,” and Archangel Jeremiel is associated with prophetic visions, psychic dreams, and life reviews. This archangel helps the souls of the living and the dead to receive insight into their actions and learn from their mistakes.

Archangel Jeremiel cleanses our souls spiritually through increasing our faith, inspiring us to have mercy, and easing our difficult and troublesome situations.

In human form, this Archangel appears wearing a deep emerald robe with silver and gold ornaments and carrying wings. In animal form, Archangel Jeremiel appears as a puma, leopard, or cheetah i.e someone who protects its territory and accomplishing its goals with great confidence and incredible speed. Archangel Jeremiel may also appear as an owl thus symbolizing wisdom, impeccable hearing and sight, and great attention to detail.

When you call on this Archangel, it will transform your painful and heartbreaking situations into positive events and they will also provide you with all the lessons and knowledge you need to deal with that types of situations in the future.

Archangel Michael (The Great Defender and Protector)– Numbers 6 & 33

This archangel’s name means “Who Is Like God,” and Archangel Michael is the leader of heaven’s army of angels. This archangel is the primary dispeller of evil, negative and life-draining energies and protects the people from evil and misfortune.

Archangel Michael is the great defender and protector of every being and everything that is good on this planet. In human form, Archangel Michael appears dressed in a white robe with wings and this Archangel always carries a sword in its hand. In animal form, Archangel Michael appears as a falcon or a hawk which are birds of prey.

You can call on Archangel Michael whenever you need protection, courage, and strength. Archangel Michael will always have your back. It will always let you know and feel that you are loved, guided, and protected. Their mere presence is always powerful and reassuring, bringing you healing, optimism, and positive energy through love and truth.

Archangel Michael’s healing powers heal the body, mind, and spirit. They also heal a broken heart that is in pain from the loss of a loved one. This Archangel also heals depression, anxiety, physical ailments, addictions, loss of faith, and negative energy by cutting the toxic cords with people who are not good for them.

Archangel Raphael (The Divine Healer of Physical Ailments) – Number 7

This archangel’s name means “God Heals,” and Archangel Raphael is the healer in the angelic realm, helping with physical, mental, and spiritual problems. This archangel is seen as the guardian of humanity and the divine physician.

This Archangel is the main healer of all humankind and every being on this Earth. In human form, this Archangel appears with wings, it is dressed in white with its hands held at his chest level and his palms facing outward in order to bring healing. In animal form, Archangel Raphael appears as a deer or a wolf. The wolf has healing energies as well. The wolf cares for their young and it is fiercely protective of them. The wolf is loyal and it is able to bring healing to others.

The deer, on the other hand, is a gentle animal. Therefore, when Archangel Raphael takes the form of a deer it is a sign of deep healing occurring already, and also it is a reminder to us to be gentle and more loving with ourselves and with others who are going through a healing process.

Call on Archangel Raphael whenever you, or someone close to you, need healing on your physical body as well as your spirit.

Archangel Raziel (The Divine Keeper of Mysteries) – Numbers 8 & 44

This archangel’s name means “The Secret of God,” and Archangel Raziel is considered to be the one who is closest to God. This archangel is the patron of justice and protector of lawmakers, lawyers, and judges. Raziel holds the knowledge of the universe and can help one recall knowledge that has been accumulated over time.

Archangel Raziel is a divine gatekeeper of secret information. This Archangel rules the in-between space between the Earth and Heaven. It also governs dreams, the subconscious mind, visions, the gifts of being a medium, and so on.

In human form, this Archangel appears in a dazzling white light while holding in its hands a blazing ring-shaped in the number eight, commonly known as the symbol of eternity thus representing the infinite life of our souls.

In animal form, Archangel Raziel takes the form of any bird with white feathers symbolizing purity and beauty. Moreover, this Archangel may appear as a fish that symbolizes the world of dreams, and the fluidity of the communication between the Earth and Heaven.

Call on this Archangel whenever you are looking for an answer about a problem you are struggling with or when you need assistance for interpreting your dreams and visions. Archangel Michael will help you every time you are prepared to welcome the higher energies into your life and communicate with the spirit.

Archangel Ariel (The Great Earth Mother) – Number 9

This archangel’s name means “The Lion of God,” and Archangel Ariel is the patron of nature and all living beings in it, and the elements (fire, earth, water, air). This archangel is the protector and healer of the natural world and helps people to get closer to nature without destroying it.

Archangel Ariel watches over our planet and all its living beings. This Archangel’s divine healing powers embrace the natural world and heal it thus healing us as human species since the Earth provides us with all the things we need for our survival. This Archangel has the power for restoration and helps us to accept the cycles of love and loss, life and death while at the same time bringing great amounts of positive energy and balance to our lives.

In human form, this Archangel appears with wings, dressed in earth colors, and they always appear by animals and trees surrounding them. In animal form, Archangel Ariel appears in the form of ducks, geese, and swans which are all symbols of the soul’s emotional nature and the peace and serenity that can only be gained by having faith in the path we have chosen for ourselves.

Call on this Archangel when you need assistance with the healing and recovery from natural disasters. Archangel Ariel will always heal the plants and the animals and bring health and growth to every living being on Earth.

How to call upon your Guardian Archangel?

You can always call your Archangel by a formal prayer, however, that isn’t necessary. You can speak with your Archangel as you speak with your best friend. You can be relaxed and use a conversational tone. However, it is worth noting that Archangels appear differently to different people because every person has a different energy and the Archangels appear to them following the color of the person’s energy.

Therefore, every person will have a different and unique experience when connecting with their Archangel. They can take a male or a female form because they are spiritual beings and they don’t have gender. That’s why they will take the form you are more comfortable with.

In conclusion…

The archangels aren’t directly our guardian angels, but they command and oversee the work of our guardian angels. Calling upon them for help can result in receiving the aid that you needed, either directly from the archangel, or from angels that are under their command.

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