The 6 Laws of the Mind to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind and Achieve Anything from Universe

You may be not familiar with the 6 laws of the mind as it is a part of NLP and most often discussed in term of personal development and psychotherapy.

You can better understand with the practice of neurological processes, language, and behavioral patterns used by our subconscious mind.

Basically 6 laws of the mind explore the science of how our mind works. If you want to reprogram your subconscious mind for success you have to follow certain pattern that are part of any one of the following laws.

Working with these six law of the mind helpful in order to get success in subconscious mind programing, personal development and any other aspect related to Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The science of the mind is known as mental technology. Mental technology refers to the principles or laws that govern how the mind functions.

The 6 Laws of the Mind and How to Use Them

Your mind, my mind, and the minds of all other humans.

Just as there are physical laws that describe how phenomena operate on the physical plane, there are mental laws or principles that describe how phenomena operate on the mental plane.

Let’s explore more about how these 6 laws of the mind works and help you in personal development.

The 6 Laws of the Mind and How to Use Them

We all know our subconscious mind is so powerful and if you truly believe in working of alter state of consciousness, it can turn your imagination into reality.

These law works on mental strength and you can get anything in your life.

Keep in mind these are universal law of mind even you believe them or not, they works behind your subconscious mind.

Let’s explore more about The 6 laws of the mind and how you can use them to alter your reality.

Thoughts are Things and Energy they are real force

This has been scientifically proven. We have some kind of reader like EEGs, brain probes, and other scientific instruments to read the energy in our thoughts.

So think this…What else in nature is real energy if thoughts are real energy, which they are?

Electricity, moving objects (kinetic energy), stationary objects (potential energy), heat, and so on. You can understand it in term of subconscious mind programing for success as a part of 6 Laws of the Mind.

All of these things have energy and can be used constructively or destructively how do you use your thoughts?

Thoughts are not meaningless. They don’t just happen within us and then vanish. They are energy vibrations, powerful energy vibrations interacting with the energy web of all reality.

Every thought we have is an energetic force that affects our lives—every thought.

The average person is unaware of the power that their mind possesses. And they are unlikely to be as successful as they can or should be until they do.

That’s what’s so exciting about working with mental laws.

Because thoughts are real forces, we work creatively with them, knowing and understanding what we’re doing and the effects we’ll get.

Law of Transmission mind is like a radio station

The Law of Transmission states that the mind is a sending and receiving station of thought. It is also a part of these 6 Laws of the Mind.

The thoughts we have do not remain in our minds.

They are a form of energy that can be transmitted and received through the universal energy web that connects all things, causing and having effects in our own lives as well as the lives of others.

Our subconscious acts as a catalyst, drawing from an infinite pool of possibilities circumstances, solutions to problems, insights, and inspiration that align with the patterns and vibrations we transmit through our thoughts and beliefs.

We work together with powerful forces!

Our thoughts are not just internal mental processes; they can also have external effects on the world around us.

The mind is like a radio station and sending and receiving thoughts all the time.

Our minds send and receive thoughts in the same way that a two-way radio does. Understanding this as a part of 6 Laws of the Mind is helpful and accept the hidden power of our subconscious mind.

Let’s say you want to listen to the news on the radio. You will be inundated with messages about disperse and tragedy.

If you focus or “tune” to a station with a more upbeat message, that’s what you’ll get. The key point here is that you receive what you tune into receiving.

The inverse is also true.

If you are constantly concerned about sickness, disease, and poverty, you will send out those messages, and someone who is “tuned” to that same station will contact you.

And you’re wondering why you’re surrounded by such negativity?  What radio station are you listening to?

Law of Attraction in the 6 Laws of the Mind

6 laws of the mind

According to the Law of Attraction, thoughts with emotion act like a magnet, attracting similar and like thoughts.

So any emotion-charged thought becomes supercharged and eventually attracts experiences and circumstances of matching energy into our lives.

We must now be cautious of negative emotions such as fear, worry, despair, hopelessness, or any other negative feelings.

If we allow them to gain traction, these thoughts can become emotionalized, creating a self-fulfilling cycle.

So, as soon as you notice yourself thinking those thoughts, change them to something else. This deprives them of power.

But, in accordance to the Law of Attraction, we can use positive thoughts and strong desires our will, love, or emotions to create a corresponding reality.

You can understand it as a most important part of these powerful 6 Laws of the Mind.

When you have a strong desire to succeed and use your willpower, you emotionalize it and attract similar thoughts, to which the universe will respond.

Have you ever hit your toe in the morning?  How did the rest of your day go?  Isn’t that the case?

This is because as soon as you stubbed your toe, your mind was flooded with all kinds of negative (to having a good day) thoughts.

One thought led to another, which led to another…and so on.

This happens when we have a disagreement with someone.

Our thoughts (during this high energy exchange) attract all kinds of negative thoughts from the past.  The issue is that we do this to ourselves on a regular basis.

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Law of Control

The Law of Control within these 6 Laws of the Mind, states that we have the power and the ability to either entertain thoughts or dismiss them.

Any negative thought is still in our minds because we allow it to.

It’s similar to the old parable of the two moving monks.

They arrive at a river, where there is a beautiful woman.

“Please, will one of you kind monks carry me over to the other side?”

The woman asks the monks. The river is far too broad.

“The current is too strong.”

The two monks exchange glances because they are aware that they have taken a sacred vow never to touch a woman. The older monk suddenly bends down and picks up the woman.

He moves her to the other side and places her down.

The monks then remain silent, the younger monk stunned by what had just occurred. They don’t say anything for an hour. Two hours have passed. It took three hours.

It took four hours.

They walk silently until the younger monk turns to the older monk and asks, “How could you have done that?” “How could you possibly have carried her?”

The older monk looks surprised at him. “Oh, are you still carrying her?” he asks. “I dropped her four hours ago.”

We need to ask ourselves: What are we carrying around within us that we should have let go of a long time ago?

What resentments, disappointments, or failures do we harbor?

How long will we carry this within us? Our entire lives?

Don’t let your mind lead you wrong. That is a common occurrence. Our minds are thinking about us, and all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

There’s an old adage that goes, “The mind is an excellent servant but a terrible master.” And it is correct! You can do a lot more with these 6 Laws of the Mind.

What we do is learn to direct and control our thoughts.

We choose the thoughts we think and, more importantly, we do not think the thoughts we do not want to think. Because we have the ability and power to entertain or dismiss thoughts.

Law of Insertion implant idea and thought as you desire

You have the power and ability to think any thought you want. Once you realize how these 6 Laws of the Mind works for personal development, you can easily implant idea in your subconscious mind.

According to the Law of Insertion, we have the ability and power to insert any thought into our minds. We have the ability to choose what we think about and to focus our attention on specific thoughts or ideas.

Every day, I consider happiness and inner peace. Every day, I think about health and wealth.

Why? So, why not?

We have the ability to insert any type of thought into our minds. Of course, I’ll adhere with the law. And you can, too! And you’ll have great success with it.

This law is empowering because it suggests that we can think whatever we want at any time. And, because thoughts are real forces, we have the ability to change our circumstances simply by thinking new thoughts.

You can achieve anything in your life with these 6 Laws of the Mind.

If you have trouble inserting thoughts into your mind, keep in mind that the subconscious mind communicates through sounds, images, and feelings rather than words.

If you find it difficult to think of a specific thought, try visualizing it instead.

Law of Connection – The Inner-World and Outer-World are connected

The Inner world is made up of thoughts, emotions, beliefs and values, judgments, and the Outer world is made up of circumstances, effects, and results.

Our inner world has a direct impact on our outer world…thoughts are real energy. And we know that our Outer world has an impact on our Inner world.

We have all received news in the last month that has elicited an unfavorable emotion or feeling within us.

We get success in the Outer world when we think about achieving personal success on the Inner world with emotion.

We think and feel success in the Inner world when we achieve personal success in the Outer world.

According to the Law of Connection, the inner and outer worlds are inseparable. This universe and your connection with whole being is a part of these powerful 6 Laws of the Mind for success.

The inner world is our mental universe. The outer world is the world of the events and circumstances that happen to us.

What we think has an impact on what happens to us. We can control and direct our lives because we can control and direct our thoughts.

Consider that.

We have the ability and power to insert any thought into our minds. And the inner and outer worlds are linked. These two laws provide us with a map to everything we desire.

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How to Use these 6 Laws of the Mind

The six mental laws are extremely powerful. And you’ll have a lot of success with them.

For best results, consider each of the six laws for at least one minute per day. Consider these to be your new mantras.

You are currently not familiar with the laws of the mind. However, they are only conceptual.

Repeat them to yourself hundreds of times, not once or twice. You want to get to the point where they are ingrained in you and you use them naturally without even thinking about it.

That’s where you’ll see incredible results with them. All these 6 Laws of the Mind works on personal development and subconscious mind programing.

You can understand how your mind works with these six basic law of the mind and take advantage to create your own reality.

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